Attempts in Civil Services Examination

Extracts of the Judgment of  Honable High Court of Delhi in the Writ Petition

The Writ Petition WP(C) No.4569 of 2008 was filed by Shri Sharma in the Delhi High Court for quashing the Central Administrative Tribunals order dated 03.06.2008 which upheld the Commission's stand that Shri Sharma is not eligible to appear in Civil Services Examination, 2006 as this was his 5th attempt at Civil Services Examination and general category candidates are allowed only four attempts.  Shri Sharma's plea of not appearing on account of meeting with an accident and consequently not treating his appearance in Civil Services Examination, 2005 as an attempt has been dismissed by the Delhi High Court.  Honable High Court in its judgment has ruled as below:- 

There is no doubt that undue hardship has been caused to the Petitioner due to an accident and circumstances beyond his control, but that by itself does not mean that the rules which are applicable to all candidates should be waived insofar as the Petitioner is concerned. As already brought out hereinabove, this would result in a chaotic situation and even the UPSC may not be able to handle it. 

The writ petition is dismissed.