Green Initiatives

UPSC has been in the forefront and has taken several initiatives in its effort to save environment.

1. Solar Power Plant :


In order to promote the use of Renewable Energy, UPSC has installed Solar Power Plant of the capacity of 100 kWp. The project has been completed under Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) Model.

Three Net meters have also been installed in the Solar Power Plant. As a result, any additional solar power generated is sent to the NDMC Grid.

2. Installation of Energy Efficient Equipments :

UPSC has replaced several inefficient electrical equipments with efficient equipments i.e., LED lights, 5-Star fans, 5-Star ACs through Energy Service Company (ESCO) mode.

As a result, there is a net saving of 173 K.W.

3. Construction of Compost Plant :

UPSC, with the help of CPWD, has constructed a Compost Plant in the campus. This enables decomposition of dry leaves etc. into fertilizer.