Central Armed Police Forces (ACs) Examination, 2020

Name of Examination: Central Armed Police Forces (ACs) Examination, 2020
Date of Notification 18/08/2020
Date of Commencement of Examination 20/12/2020
Duration of Examination One Day
Last Date for Receipt of Applications 07/09/2020 - 6:00pm
Date of Upload 18/08/2020
Download Notification
Document Type Document Date of Upload
Fictitious Fee PDF icon FF-CAPF-20-engl-230920.pdf 23/09/2020
e - Admit Card 23/11/2020
Notice PDF icon e-ACNotice-CAPF-20-Engl.pdf 23/11/2020
Question Paper PDF icon General Ability and Intelligence, PDF icon General Studies, Essay and Comprehension 21/12/2020
DAF 12/02/2021
Written Result PDF icon CAPF-2020-WR-List-Eng-F.pdf 08/02/2021
Written Result (with name) PDF icon CAPF-2020-WR-ListwithName-Eng-F.pdf 08/02/2021
Interview Schedule PDF icon Int-CAPF-Acs-Exam-2020-181121-engl-R.pdf 18/11/2021
Cut-off Marks PDF icon CutOff-CAPF-ACs-2020-Eng-110122.pdf 11/01/2022
Final Result PDF icon FR-CAPF-20-engl-040122.pdf 04/01/2022
Marks of Recommended Candidates PDF icon Mks_Rec_Cand_CAPF_AC_2020_Eng_18012022.pdf 18/01/2022
Answer Key PDF icon GAI 04/03/2022
Reserve List PDF icon CAPF_2020_Reserve_List_eng.pdf 08/06/2022
Public Disclosure of marks and other details of non-recommended willing candidates PDF icon CAPF_2020_PubDiclMks_Eng_28062022.pdf 28/06/2022
Marks of Recommended Candidates (Reserve List) PDF icon MksRcdCndtsResrvList-CAPF-2020-engl-270923.pdf 27/09/2023