1. Security of office, inspection and follow-up action.
  2. Residential accommodation for Chairman and Members. Procurement of furniture and furnishing.
  3. Procurement/maintenance of material, equipments, services, hardware/ software, LAN, OMR Scanners and Image Scanners, Photocopier Machines, Lamination Machines, Binding machines, Fax Machines, Paper Shredders, Calculators and Punching Machines, etc., OMR Answer sheets, Pre-printed computer Stationery, etc.
  4. Oracle database and stationery items.
  5. Group ‘D’ staff posting, transfer, etc.
  6. Work relating to Advisers’ Suites
  7. Arrangement of Night duty Clerks and MTS at Reception, Advisers’ suites on Holidays/ Sundays.
  8. Disposal of condemned stores of the entire office.
  9. Staff Car Unit.
  10. Work related to hosting of UPSC website.
  11. Maintenance of the EPABX Exchange.
  12. Supply of printed application forms, scanning and processing of application forms.
  13. Annual Contract for Booking/dispatch/clearance of boxes carrying examination material of UPSC through Railway.
  14. Booking of Examination Halls of UPSC for various examinations to outside agencies.
  15. Printing of Annual Report of UPSC, Newsletter of PSCs (Half yearly), Hand Book of Civil Services (Preliminary) Examinations, D.O. Letters,  etc.
  16. Cleanliness, additions, alteration and repairs. Liaison with CPWD for civil and electrical works.
  17. Liaison with Horticulture Wing, CPWD regarding lawn, indoor plants, outdoor plants, crockery, floral arrangements etc.
  18. Electricity and water supply maintenance.
  19. Maintenance and checking of fire fighting equipments, organizing mock drills.
  20. Maintenance/repair and polishing of steel/wooden furniture.
  21. Maintenance/repairs of air conditioners, Central cooling plants.
  22. Arrangement for conduct of Examinations.
  23. Arrangement for holding in-house functions in the Commission.
  24. Work relating to Departmental canteen.