Forwarding of Deputation proposal: Guidance for Ministries - Departments

Sending of Deputation Proposals : Guidelines for Ministries

Following action, as prescribed in para 4 of the DOP&T O.M. dated 3rd October, 1989, is required to be completed by the Ministry/Department before forwarding the proposal to the UPSC:-

  1. An accurate assessment of the vacancies to be filled by the requisite method should be made sufficiently in advance so as to be able to follow the prescribed procedures properly.
  2. Wherever the Recruitment Rules prescribe different sources of recruitment and where various categories of officers are eligible for being considered, the circulation of vacancies will be considered proper only where the Ministry concerned ensures that all such categories are tapped simultaneously. In other words, the Department should not confine circulation of the vacancies to only one or two sources mentioned in the RRs.
  3. As a corollary to para (ii) above, wherever employees of the Public Sector Undertakings/Autonomous Bodies and Non-Secretariat officers are also eligible under the Recruitment Rules, the administrative Ministry concerned should specifically request the Departments to circulate the vacancy to all such Organisations with whom they are concerned so that the requirements of the Recruitment Rules are duly met.
  4. The vacancy circular should invariably be published in the Employment News.
  5. The minimum time allowed for receipt of nominations should be two months. If in a few cases where there are compelling reasons to fill up the vacancy on urgent basis, a shorter time limit, which should not be less than 6 weeks may be prescribed with the approval of the Joint Secretary concerned.
  6. All the salient features of the vacancy circular, e.g. qualifications and experience, officers eligible, last date for receipt of nominations as prescribed by the originating Department should invariably be published in the Employment News.
  7. The circular should be addressed to all the agencies or sources of selection specified in the RRs. As a proof of having complied with this instruction, the Departments should, while making a reference to the UPSC for selection, render a certificate to the Commission that the vacancy circular has been despatched to all the agencies prescribed in the rules.
  8. While calling for applications for appointment on deputation/absorption basis, the Ministries/Departments may call for the bio-data of the candidates in the prescribed proforma.
  9. After circulation of the post, the proposal should be sent to the UPSC as early as possible and in any case within 3 months from the closing date for receipt of applications.

Note 1: The circulation/advertisement of the vacancy should be strictly as per provisions of the statutory Recruitment Rules and the instructions/guidelines as above, failing which the proposal may not be accepted by the UPSC and the administrative Ministry/Department will have to re-circulate/re-advertise the vacancy or to issue a corrigendum.

Note 2: The proposal to the UPSC must be accompanied by the following documents:-

  1. Check list Proforma-H.
  2. Proforma for referring the proposal to the UPSC Proforma-I
  3. Authenticated copy of the notified statutory Recruitment Rules.
  4. A legible copy of the vacancy circular along with the list of officers to whom it has been issued.
  5. A legible copy of the relevant portion of the Employment News in which the vacancy has been advertised indicating the date of publication of the vacancy.
  6. A copy of order of the creation of the post, in case the  vacancy is available due to creation of a new post
  7. A copy of the up-to-date and circulated seniority list of the feeder grade officers in case the method of recruitment is composite method.
  8. A consolidated comparative statement of all the applicants    indicating whether they are eligible or ineligible.  In case of ineligible candidates, reasons for ineligibility to be indicated.
  9. Bio-data of all the candidates, whether eligible or ineligible

    The DOP&T vide its O.M. No. AB.14017/28/2014-Estt.(RR) dated 02.07.2015, has prescribed the revised proforma in which the candidates are required to fill their Bio-data/Curriculum Vitae for applying for Deputation posts. 

  10. A copy of the duties and responsibilities attached to the post.
  11. Copies of the ACRs for the last 5 years of all the eligible candidates duly attested by a Group A officer along    with a list of the officers and the ACRs.
  12. Integrity Certificate, Vigilance Clearance and major/minor    penalty statement in respect or eligible officers.
  13. A certificate to the effect that no other deputationist was appointed prior to the officer being considered for absorption a certificate of unwillingness for being considered for absorption in case there is any such officer consents from the officers concerned as well as from their parent departments (in case of absorption only.