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 Abbreviations used.

 Abbreviation                     Full form

 DoP&T            -   Department of Personnel & Training.

OM                   -  Office Memorandum

CR                   -  Confidential Report

DG                    -  Director General / Directorate General

Advt.                 -   Advertisement

DAVP               -   Director Audio Visual Publication / Directorate of  Audio Visual    


reg.                    -  regarding

P.G                    -  Public Grievances

Govt.                   -   Government

R                         -   Recruitment

TA                       -   Traveling Allowance

UPSC                  -   Union Public Service Commission

Procedure being followed in processing requisitions [up to the stage of advertisement of the post[s] for recruitment by selection.

1.1       The requisitions received for conducting recruitment by selection are registered and numbered serially in the order of their receipt starting from the 1st January of every year.    After giving the file number to each requisition, the same is then examined whether it conforms to the existing instructions.  The requisition not in prescribed format is returned to the Ministry/Department for furnishing the same in the prescribed format. The requisition, which does not indicate that the vacancies do not attract the ban or they have been exempted with the approval of competent authority, is returned to Ministry/Department.


1.2       If the requisition is found deficient on any of the checkpoints, the same is treated to have been “otherwise disposed of” [OD Case]. The case is reopened after the required information is received from the requisitioning Ministries/Department. Latest instructions of the DOP&T,  regarding requisitions for recruitment to posts being cleared by the Screening Committee[s] of the respective Ministries/Departments [vide DOP&T OM No. 2/8/2001-PIC dated 16th May, 2001]  are  enforced.  Requisitions not complying with this requirement are returned to the Ministries/Departments straightaway. 

1.3       If the requisitions are found complete the posts are advertised within two months from its receipt. 

 1.4        It is also examined whether the indenting departments have endorsed a copy of the requisition to Central [Surplus Staff Cell] in the DOP&T.  The Bio data of Surplus Officers, if received by the Commission are examined /considered  in the fist instance and if any of the candidate posses necessary Educational qualification and experience, the position is  informed to the designated Officer in the  Central [Surplus Staff Cell], 

DOP&T,  with a request to send the a formal sponsorship to the Commission alongwith with the CR.   According to the instructions issued by the Government of India, the requisitioning Ministries/Departments are also required to forward a copy of the requisition to the DG [Resettlement], Ministry of Defence, who within 10 days of its receipt are required to send to the Commission, the detailed particulars of disabled Defence Service Personnel and disabled Border Security Force Personnel who are  prima facie considered suitable for the posts.  The cases of ex-servicemen, sponsored by DG [Resettlement] are considered along with other candidates who apply in response to the Commission’s advertisement.


1.5       After the approval by the Commission for advertisement of the case, the copies of Advts. are sent to the DAVP and Employment News for publication on every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month in the leading National and regional Newspapers (Hindi and English) throughout the country and also placed on the webpage of the Commission.  Corrigenda, if any, are also included in the Advertisements.

2.      Closing date for receipt of applications for posts advertised by the Union Public Service Commission to be filed otherwise than through a competitive examination consolidated instructions reg.

2.1.      The detailed information in this regard may be seen/referred in the relevant para of the Commission’s advertisement for various posts, which appear on every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, in the important Newspapers of India and Employment News.  The information relating to the vacancies is also placed on the web page of the Commission and broadcast through specified stations of All India Radio located in difficult and remote areas of the country, and through the National network of Doordarshan.   

NOTE :          “ Applications must be sent in the format given in Employment News which can also be down loaded from the Commission’s website :  Applications sent in any other format are liable to be rejected.”

2.2       “The date for determining the eligibility of all the candidates in every respect shall be the normal closing date prescribed for receipt of applications”.       


3.     Age-consolidated instructions regarding age in respect of posts advertised for selection by interview.

            The detailed information in this regard may be seen/referred in the relevant para of the Commission’s advertisement for various posts, which appear on every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month of the Employment News.

4.            Employer’s permission/No objection Certificate in respect of candidates     

           applying for the   posts   advertised by the Commission – Consolidated

           instructions regarding.

 4.1       With a view to avoid hardships faced by the candidates applying through their employers in response to the Commission’s Advertisements and also to avoid embarrassment for the Commission having to deal with those applications which are received after the closing dates irrespective of whether such applications have been submitted to employer before the closing date or not, it has been decided in consultation with Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions [DOP&T] that all candidates, whether in government service or in government organizations or in private employment should submit their applications direct to the Commission.  If any candidate forwards his application through his employer, he should ensure that his application reaches Union Public Service Commission by Closing Date; otherwise it is likely to be rejected even if it had been submitted to the employer before the closing date.

 4.2        Persons already in government service whether in a permanent or temporary capacity or as work charged employees, other that casual or daily rated employees are, however, required to submit a declaration to the effect that they have informed in writing their head of Office/Department that they have applied for the examination/selection.

 4.3       In case the Head of Office/Department considers  it necessary to withhold the requisite permission, they should inform the Commission about the same within 45 days of the closing date for receipt of applications in Union Public Service Commission. In

case no such communication is received from the head of Office/Department, it shall be presumed by the Commission that there is no objection on the part of the employing Department to the candidature of its employee to be considered by the Commission for the post he/she has applied for.  The administrative Ministries/Departments of the govt. of India are also to note that, in case of “Direct Recruitment by Selection” viz.“Selection by Interview”, it is the responsibility of the requisitioning Ministry/Department to bring to the notice of the Commission any point regarding unsuitability of the candidates [Govt. Servants] from the Vigilance angle and that the appropriate state for doing so would be the consultation at the time of preliminary scrutiny i.e. when the case is referred by the Commission to the Ministries/Departments for the Comments of the Ministry’s Representatives on the provisional selection of the candidates for interview by the Commission.  [In this connection DOP&T OM No. AB 14017/101/91-Estt.[RR] dated 14.7.1993 refers.]




 The applications received by hand/courier as well as by post/speed post are collected in the Receipt Section. This section segregates the applications concerning Recruitment Branch and passes it on a daily basis to the Covering Unit.


5.2.1   The Covering Unit of Recruitment Branch complete the activities concerning covering of the applications and pass on the applications to the Data Processing Branch. The Data Processing Branch then carries out the data entry from Part-I of the applications, as per the set programme. After data entry, the applications are sent to the concerned Section.

5.2.2   The Concerned Sections (R-I to R-VI and Special Cells) receive the applications from the Data Processing Branch as per subjects being dealt by them and take further necessary action in connection with the pre-preliminary scrutiny/scrutiny/shortlisting of the candidates.



5.3.1       Once the Preliminary Scrutiny of the candidates is approved by the Commission, the candidates who have been short-listed ‘Conditionally’, if any, are asked to send necessary documents within 20 days. The candidatures of the candidates who complies with the requirements are cleared and the candidature of those who failed to do so is cancelled. Candidature of a few candidates may remain conditional for want of checking further requisite documents/doubtful cases. The comments of the requisitioning Ministry/Department are also sought about the suitability of the applicants for interview.

 5.3.2       Summon Letters to the candidates called for interview are issued as soon as the date and venue for the interviews are fixed by the Commission.  The candidates summoned/called for interview are also requested to refer the points in DO’ and DON”T

at the time of interview which has been put on the Commission’s website (

 5.3.3       The Union Public Service Commission do not defray the traveling or other expenses of candidates summoned for interview.  Candidates summoned from outstation are, however, paid contribution towards these expenses to the extent mentioned in enclosed note alongwith the Summon/Call letter.  For claiming the traveling allowance the candidates should fill in the two blank T.A. bill forms enclosed

 with the Summon/Call letter and to hand these over at the Commission’s office for payment.

 5.3.4        After the interviews are over Recommendation Letter/Advice letter are forwarded to the requisitioning Ministry/Department.  The candidates selected for appointment by the Commission are also informed about their selection to the post with the advice to contact the concerned Ministry/Department for further correspondence.  The selected candidates are also informed that the offer of appointment will be made to them only after the Government have satisfied themselves after such enquiry as may be considered necessary that the candidates are suitable in all respect for appointment to the service.  Further they are also informed that the appointment will be subject to such other conditions as are applicable to all such appointments under the Central Government. 


 6.         Publication of Recruitment Result of the Selection posts on the  web   page  of  U.P.S.C. on  INTERNET  in addition to publication of the same in Employment News/Rozgar Samachar consideration   of queries received from candidates through  E-Mail/Hot Mail – Instructions regarding.

 6.1       The results of the selected candidates are published in the Employment News/ Rozgar Samachar of 2nd week and 4th week matching with the Commission’s Advertisement for the direct recruitment cases. These are also put on the web page of the Commission. (

 7.         Disciplinary cases against candidates.

Candidates are warned that they should not furnish any particulars that are false or suppress any material information in filling up the application form. Candidates are also warned that they should in no case correct or alter or otherwise tamper with any entry in a document or its attested/certified copy submitted by them nor should they submit a tampered/fabricated document. If there is any inaccuracy or any discrepancy

 between two or more such documents or their attested/certified copies, an explanation regarding this discrepancy should be submitted.


A candidate who is or has been declared by the Commission to be guilty of:

obtaining support of his/her candidature by any means, or impersonating, or

(i)                 procuring impersonation by any person, or

(ii)               submitting fabricated documents or documents which have been tampered with, or

(iii)             making statements which are incorrect or false or suppressing material information, or

(iv)              resorting to any other irregular or improper means in connection with his/her candidature for the selection, or

(v)                using unfair means during the test, or

(vi)              writing irrelevant matter including obscene language or pornographic matter, in the script(s), or  


(vii)            misbehaving in any other manner in the examination hall, or

(viii)          harassing or doing bodily harm to the staff employed by the Commission for the conduct of their test, or

(ix)              Bringing mobile phone/communication device in the examination Hall/Interview room.

(x)                Attempting to commit or, as the case may be, abetting the Commission of all or any of the acts specified in the foregoing clauses may, in addition to rendering himself/herself liable to criminal prosecution, be liable:

(a)     To be disqualified by the Commission from selection for which he/she is a candidate, and/or

(b)      To be debarred either permanently or for a specified period:

(i)                             by the Commission from any examination or selection held by them.

(ii)                           By the Central Government from any employment under them, and

(c)                           if he/she is already in service under Government to disciplinary action under the appropriate rules.